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Related article: Date : Wed, 20 May 2009 11 51st 06 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Ami u003camias05 yahoo. com u003e Subject: brief encounters cap 24 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the Lolita Cp center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimateImagination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file, so that if forMats or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias05 yahoo. com ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** This is a little clarification for those who seem confused by the use of the word " yer " West of England, where I come from, is very common, " yer say" instead of "yes " and had a different meaning for "your" as in " yer pants! " I hope this ! help Chapter 24 -. But the hatred of football " Ah, well you're back Simon, so what does this af? ternoon " " Well, Dad, did you know that Alex, so ummm.. We went to the park and had a kick on with Tim on the road. " " It was a little warm for hunting a football today? "Said Ted. " No, well, we sat for a while. " " right, and where is it art? Any ideas ? "N " At this moment? Oh, I dunno. "Simon shook his head innocent. I did not know how lying to his father, but it was more of a white lie ! " Why? " " Just asking. "Said Ted up and pick up your newspaper the bench. " I hope you will forget your mother and I have to go to the hospital earlier Jim tonight to watch the road down, so arrive early tea. Do you agree ? " " Yer. " " Simon is the point. Yer no! " " yer dad! "Simon smiled and ran up the ass before the newspaper began. close the bathroom door, I was desperate to put something on the line that was actually biting. What was it? Unlike shampoo, soap, and the n as the closet was empty. had hoped to have found some antiseptic cream or something similar, in Lolita Cp fact,nothing! Disappointed, he left was on his way back to his room when he had an idea. Art had, the cream of s hand, hidden safe is better than nothing? slowly opened the bedroom door and looked in. It was amazing, because is the first time I had ever seen there the room was neat. Also, the bed was made ! Tiptoeing on the dresser, looked at the top, where last seen as representing the cream. I was not there. The cabinet was struck could not resist, and looking in the bottom drawer , where he knew that art was the jump rope. The mere idea of ​​seeing what art is hidden enough for initial tap and seconds later was again rock hard by Alex "manipulation n expanded during the afternoon, it was really the sense of pain. However, he thought that a small price to pay for what he could find to pay in the back of the drawer. at first I was delighted to find used half cup of Atrix and Pulling the front of his shorts elastic, pushed down hand in his pants, and anointed the red end of the queue with the Cold Cream. 's when I saw the real price to the bottom of the drawer. The pair of light blue bikini panties, that he knew that David was one ! He grabbed put back the hand cream and quickly became his own room. In the interior you copied kind of trick and put his school bag to prevent anyone n behind the door unexpectedly. Then floated on the bed, he care blue sheet and had his own short films and panties. Bend down to rub his penis with his hand while trying a careful examination of the writings n to others. For a while Atrix made ​​a lubricant wonderful and he pushed his cock, while examination of the points in the blue cotton, which seemed very evident that art was already in masturbation panties. He smelled it and decided that maybe I should take an n or two nights in pajamas in front of them baPrior to David. It was in the n this point was to discover that it takes a long time until the Atrix lose lubricational degrees and was now hitting the skin and difficult. As it happened, the door opened and a panic with his tail now feels a little worse than before taking the put his shorts and panties in the back to connect under the mattress rest is a kind of hidden closet ! for now sort through the door, pulled out his wallet and looks forward to not be so bad conscience when in front of him! Otherwise, adjust your penis painful upright in a comfortable position, entered the hallway, , and heard his mother from Lolita Cp the bad kind, which was obviously trying to conference sneak undetected. "Arthur is a complete disaster, what to do now? " " Um... " "Look, covered in dirt, all sweaty and hot! Y your T - Shirt semi - out... Oh, what a mess, " " I'm ummm... " Thinking quickly, the best I could do was answearr "I playing football. " n " what you are! " she exclaimed in surprise. Change your attitude and complete laughed. " But I hate football... that means running and exercise n" " I've talked to !" Murmured type : " I do not think so... and run! "" and I fell into all the dirt and dass. " she was laughing, "In no part of Park " ". ? YER Now I'm going to take a bath and tidy before morning tea, or " shook the head. It was " No, not now, we are equipped with tea early. Dad and I have to to go to hospital. Remember ? " " So.. " kind of bad taste the smell of the rebels in his jeans. Just expect anyone! " So... I have the tea that way? " " Yes, but put your shirt on ! Does your bathroom later. Of course I need! " n with new art, Simon thought it was time he arrived in itself n in jumping two steps at a time, jumped in the last four n one Lolita Cp and ended so abruptly that belt use elastic your shorts could not copewith G forces, and fell to the ground with grace. Type stared in amazement once again this afternoon with his cock jerked emotion , but confined within the two pairs of pants sticky. Simon and his brother was surprised. Looking down into a panic, he realized that her underwear were taken shortly after the exhaustive Alex exploration. His cock was visible only by the elastic loose of leg openings. as always seemed completely unphased by his mother, the view and only n said: "Simon, I have told you just now, do not jump down the stairs. " " Nice! "! thinking said, how much fun it would be like a finger across the blade n obvious gap Simon immediate reaction was to Lolita Cp say : "Um... please do not look mom" ​​ \\ \\ n " Simon was not foolish, I saw your mother... I am" with that she smiled and turned to walk back to the kitchen, adding : "And I... I hope a pair of clean pants tomorrow! " for once, Simon was both motionless and speechless. kind of mFarewell to a show to squeeze his cock and went to the stairs giggling as Simon was bright red with embarrassment as his hind legs underwear n to "Hey," said Art is laughing the stairs, doing " do not forget to change yer pants! " " fuck you ! " Simon mouth. The call was from the kitchen, " Art! As I think about it... not to mention that washing or I'll be there to do it yourself ! " No that was it. Petrified at the idea that art replied : "Just after tea \\ ​​\\ n Mama is a promise... " ".. Well, now go wash and wash your hands, not the tea in two minutes, " two boys face each other across the table from the SA that is Sunday and the n is the main meal of England had a single roast, regardless of climatic conditions n "Mom... " It was Simon, "Why do we always Sunday roast ? " " Because that's what we do. Sunday is a roast! " " But Mom, it's too hot to do a roast. otherwise I would like for a change! " chips n '," he asked hopeful way. n " you eat what is... because it's Sunday ! " " Why? "Is Ted capable of displayingIf this line of conversation ends in total anarchy. Him to stop in n " Therefore, you have to play football? " He asked: Football "¿...... is that correct? " \\ \\ n "of course ", he replied, as if it happens every day. " Did you see Simon, then? " Ted said, look at the two Lolita Cp boys again: "It both were at the park right?" " Um... " Simon said," No, not a big place, and the Pope.. many of the n If the children of the balls to " " art, " Ted said with disbelief "You 'n " actually kicked a ball Yer then art, football, of course, is n "?. ? " Yes "Ted is still surprised," wish I had seen that! " " Too bad I have not seen Simon ? " Asked his mother. " I could have seen in the distance. "Said Art trying to sound convincing. " right. "Said Ted. never give up, while the article asked before:" Hey Yeah, were carried out to short with them, which then fall into " \\ \\ n "What? "Ted said. " Yer dad, "said Art, twisting the knife " when she jumps up and fall of his short, we can all see the pants to go! f you door call us now ! " Simon frowned. " Gggrrrr... " " Yes, Simon shorts have some new elastic. I'll do it for you weeks. " " Thanks mom. "Simon growled now red with embarrassment again. If I could kind killed with his knife and fork, he would ! Takes place with his foot and could see between the art of the country legs. " Ohhh, small... "Art just stopped in time, before Simon called something very bad. He reached out his balls and rubbing overloaded expected, failed to observe their actions. Simon smiled with kindness, as a sort of made ​​a face and mouth the words "I damn you get! " " What is happening? " When asked Ted looked up from his food and sensors something that probably was on foot. " Nothing. "Type of butt sore shuffle, said in the hard chair. The two pairs of tight underwear were stuck now faster in all, and any involuntary movement made ​​him feel as if his sparse pubic hair was arrested \\ \\ n one to one another. ' s nothing good! the strange thing ! "Ted said with a smile: "I would like the art have seen a report of someone running s hear, just once, I mean, Look, you should have done a bit of exercise, look around in the end, as " ", and that smell! "Simon sang unwittingly began to dig his own grave. kind frowned. He has to smell good, but it was not sweat. " Simon, do not be rude. " Said Ted. "Sorry, Dad. " " And ask forgiveness for art. " " Sorry Art. " Said Simon, did not sound at all. Add, can "pass the gravy n please?" Stretch his shirt like a road that barely covers his semen soaked pants stopped. For a moment he thought Simon could smell something that is becoming very familiar. He wrinkled his nose to sniff until he did, something not lost on Ted. Enter the heart began to beat faster. If only Simon shut up! This was is a situation where he had done in bold. Luckily, the rest of the food was more or less normal and normalized Simon. There was no classwith his father, and that cleaning, probably would have gotten away with it. It should not be. ", art, come here a second. " " WOT, Dad? " Said Art suspect. " WOT is daddy ? " Said Simon keeps up. "do anything you are curious, now hop! " Ted said with a smile. "I want a come with word art... in the garden. " Type I knew something was wrong. It looked a mess and smelled of semen, but at least that his father had been very understanding. He only expected to be the good work. Ted coughed, "mmm... art... that's hard ! " " Oh Dad, I feel that it could be! " Art muttered looks down ne start down the road. " Well, you know, right? That's what I think is... is it really can smell?" No kind of just nodded and looked down. " in your pants ? You really smell, you know ?" Nodded kind crimson absolute shame. Ted put his arm around her shoulder, "Art, I have two options, or I can go bloody mad, or you can talk about through... What? " " Talk ". Growled type of dry mouth. ", but only if they are honest. " " Yer right. " " So what are we doing to do with you ? You can not go doing this can ? " " No, it was an accident. " " Really? Tell me, then... " Miró. His father was waiting. " Uumm... I have to? Dad? "Asked plaintively. " Yes, Yes, you have to. Can " Ted replied firmly: " I do art, this kind of thing somewhere outside. Look at the mess we have in the house of at school the other day. One could be masturbation crazy, but just is included. Well, at least in this house, if nothing else. " "Oh God! "Art took a deep breath :" It was after football. I on the lawn with Nige... y... I told you he and I talk about art on... so... " " Y... so, what then? " by the way, it was exciting to Ted, who was trying to make art realize what he has done in a public place. N " Well, he said had... "Miró: " Dad I need? " " Yes, you need. Go orn. " " Um.. He has a hard... ummm " Art is stopped," and began to say... That knows... " " No, I do not. What? What then ? " " I was dragging the turf y... " " Oh, my God. And they were so desperate that he joined... park in the full people in a Sunday afternoon ! " " YER... y... " "Jesus! And then came in my pants ? " kind nodded and looked down. " Well, you say... all! "N " Um... I ummm... Dad mmm... I came in my pants in the park! " He felt very bad. It was not so much for the input, but the fact found his father. Something that has never before had done. And Simon, odd white lie perhaps, but never something obvious like this. "Damn art. "It was always one of the rare occasions when Ted was on the verge of explosion. N " I can not tell your mother is going to kick the bloody house. " " Daddy, no! "He was about to mourn. " Please help me... " " Well, come on, what are the rest? Tell me... "Ted ignored theThe excitement and led, "The other day, while returning from school, that was that all about ? " More is located. Not help his emotional state, and no conscience. Felt type terrible. " I was... uh... you know.. the game with me for meself pockets the bus... " " And let me guess, that came in the pants? Jesus art, damn idiot! " kind nodded, I could not see his father's eyes. I wanted to do is open the n to the earth to swallow him. Art never had Lolita Cp treated his father as that, he was a kind and understanding man. I did not want for a beautiful father and had never heard of him swearing like before, this is side of the border. " Do you ummm... then one thing about cumming in your pants ? " shaking his head violently kind of lied. "No! " " Well, that's something. But what shall we do ?" Looked Ted in the art. It seemed utterly hopeless, bright red in the n face, watery eyes, sweating, wringing her hands. perhaps the severe tThis situation was finally through. ", I would have to talk to someone at school! Can not go to do so. Can you ? " " No, no. Please, no, no school! " " Well, what should we do Tell me, " kind grabbed him," I do not know, Dad, I know, I can not help myself ! ". n "I know! is obvious! " Ted said, " But how, control ? You can not simply just go to ejaculate at all public, right? by type of love of God, is needed Lolita Cp for him and said, to the police on that! " "Oh God! no father. "tears formed. " Look, I have to go with Mom and I do not want to hear about.. not yet! It is better to think about it. 'll Talk about that later. Right? " n "did not you say? " Art asked scared. This certainly promised some ideas seriously their role. "No! " Ted said, shaking a finger on it. " Not now anyway, so do not let Simon mom or you can see how this or ask questions about this, is between you y. I for one minute. You stay here and together. " " Thanks Dad. "He saw and eye contact. " I love you... "N " I know. But you have a bloody hell of a way to prove it! "Ted smiled n and ran a hand through his hair," What the hell was in my hair? It all together? stuck " kind shook his head. A tear struggling face, saw him in the eye over again. " Dad... " " Oh Christ, do art ! Nothing more to say. "Ted, it felt so good now. " You have the bathroom and for the love of God, they are washing clothes as Once you are gone. No? " " YER.. Thanks Dad! "It was Ted disappear quickly rubbed his eyes, as he went. What kind of kid, which next n Luckily Simon was out of the way, the road can remain in the to the garden for the next few minutes to write and I more or less. heard to call his mother had gone and the door hit Art walked slowly back to the house like Simon came to the last stairs a few. absolutely hopeless and not veryand to resist a comment, art said: " Go on then... jump and let's Lolita Cp see yer pants back " "Fuck off" " Oh, by the self fuck you asshole! "n " is the son of a bitch! "Simon replied," I know you did... I think WOT cum pants are full of it... that damn smell is s "you bastard! "Is called art. I was going to say the wrong thing Simon stuck his tongue out and began to turn to run back up to safety of your room. Type of Simon was on him, but missed physically grabbed n and instead ended up clinging to your shirt, as if to go back stairs. scrabble in the following way lost his balance and fell on his shirt Simon short Squeeze that soon up to his knees bent over with his shorts. with art decided to try to maintain and Simon, back to down the stairs, in just seconds before was kind of looking ass pink Simon and hold nothing back, but both the pants and panties, how it was so fast and are rather uncertain, what reallyhappened Simon turned and looked down. He was horrified to see the art sat on the stairs stared at his cock looking very red and sore now only six inches from his face! ".. grass is where my pants?" Said Simon tries to cover with hands. " Shut up, I have it, the damn game ! " Said Art, " Simon! Sea sensible WOT fuck did the tail? " Stopped Simon on his way. N " Uumm... " "You must have a fucking doctor... take a good look, it's fast blood!" " I... uh... " " You silly little man ! to clean it ! " the art was very worried. "All they did in the last hours then? " Red as always Simon nodded. " So they went to play football... or just play ball and how often ? " Vi Kleinlaut Simon his penis look really in a state n " Four or five! " "When the park? " Art asked suspiciously. " Uh... a kind of" " Something like that ? Come and sit down, you silly fool. " Type b beaten by the stairsESID him, "It must hurt like hell," " Yer, it does! " The brothers were sitting together in the same step. Type put his arm around Simon, but without his shorts. It was a very exciting evening for children was and not very well with him his frequent outbreaks. "will do everything possible... cream or what? " "Is not this has nothing... and half do not bite ! " N "We must do something. I look and see, WOT we have. " Art said that smiled, " Hey, do you run, then? " "No!" Simon was drained clear: "I almost broke the damn n and still not cum! " Enter hugged him. "Stupid bastard, it is. Give it time. However, you a lot of damage if it continues. " "I know. " Simon seemed despondent. N " But art is everything, do what I want to cum ! " N "I bet you will... very soon! " interrupted brotherly love "I Sorry, he kicked a tea. " " is fine. But things is not before Mom and father. promise me? " " promise.... But they stink " nod Type" I know now that fucking goodto do so. I'll have bathroom. " plucking value Simon asked," Did you HHMM... cum in yer pants then? " " More or less. " He answered very kind of sounds resigned. " That... Please. " Simon returned his pants and underwear," Here, go to the bathroom and I find a little cream or something. I'll take you there in a second, only he wash my dress! "Sit leaving Simon in mind the damage it had done its Hahn limited way up the stairs to her bedroom. The drawing of the letter Nigel had borrowed from his pockets, pulled his pants to show the two couples, who still wore. the smell of milk all Three boys had put into them is overwhelming! in addition to her pubic hair hair n was well and truly stuck to the cotton, it was with some difficulty, slowly and painfully, too, he left. Remember to add a couple who still possessed, and had been like a cum rag s but a towel and ran around put backlles n the washer. The search discovered in a cupboard in the kitchen, clutching what he wanted and is a small box Germolene pink hurried back to Simon, who was in Lolita Cp the bathroom. So far, Simon seemed to have an appearance of modesty and taking into account was sitting on the toilet with your penis flaccid to see. Enter a smile : "If I put it," he said, pointing to Simon play member. " If you want to ! " Simon said. A new experience. Hopefully something that n and later, when he power, which could order n cum masturbation was with him in the future! With these thoughts in his head by the time the species had open tin Simon Hahn had already started getting hard. Simon blushed, "We... do not care, I want you to. " N "It seems he wants me so do they ! " Said Art No laughter. " It might sting a little! " with a tablespoon of fat Germolene rose in her hand, looked to get Simon 's final approval before toucIt did. Simon nodded and smiled. Art ointment blurs things smooth skin all the anger and red - took a step back to admire his work. "You will be able to resist for tonight? " Said winking art. " I have to! " Simon said. N then pointed to the prominent bulge under the towel, saying, "But you can do? " type then laughed blushed, "I'm a bit like you.. it's hard, but I have to \\ \\ n resist as well ! " " I can ummm... "Simon smiled and tried to say something but stopped. Art looked up and smiled, then: "Is this what you meant " threw in the towel, and slowly fell to the ground to show their hard cock. "Cor... " said Simon stared, "bigger than mine is not! But it seems to almost as red as mine, " "Will to be a little cream in it? " Simon 's eyes lit up ! I had to say it twice and had the index finger n in Germolene in seconds. Queue Type trembled, as Simon slowly took his time and made ​​sure that I was rubbing well take the opportunity tothoroughly inspect. He looked in the art in the face, "Can I... you know... " kind shook his head. "Simon, again, but today, I have to have that the bathroom and I have some things in my mind. " " WoT father is speaking?" "something for like that. " Art Simon saw was the tail remains difficult. " Why not take a bath together one day, when both are out ? " Open Simon eyes, "Really ! " " Yer. " kind of smile. No. " Why not, we've all seen, we have now, is not hide" ". I never thought," Simon said excitedly, " When? " " soon... but above all because I want to take the bathroom alone! "laughed Simon and pulled her clothes. He led the room in your red cock still hard and move forward as he walked. Saw " clean Hey, do not forget after the bath ! " to run in the path of water, " For the first time there is no need ! Now angry. " A few seconds later, Simon returned. " What now ? " Simon did not answer. Just his arm around art of the waist and pushed the tail wound in the leg, looked up and smiled, before time runs out over again. " Oh Fuck me ! You too. " Rubbed his eyes, type Then a thought occurred to him. He shouted before Simon made ​​it back to their space, " Simon again... do not say anything... I promise. No his colleagues and the" Simon again, " Yer, well, I promise. But I will say that no one like Nige ? " " no, not Nigeria. " kind of stretched out his hand. Simon took it, "Deal... " Then he smiled and added, before again, " Hey, is that your hand you masturbate? " ' Go fuck it! "friendly smile:" Now he has promised, so do not forget, or fucking kill you! " " YER! "Hit Simon bedroom door. art had slowly into the hot water, first stabbed his two n end pain and check valve. If s still runs only a few clean underwear find out how everything was collected, is now in the washing machine -n. You may have to put your pajamas in fresh and --------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- chapter 25 to follow
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